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The Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc. NHL Fantasy Camp is the original, our first boarding camp which is now eight years old and a SELL OUT every summer. It's reputation speaks for itself-please ask around. Jeff is the innovator in hockey fantasy boarding camps and it all started at Kents Hill. Tucked away in the lakes and mountains region in Maine-The Kents Hill School is the perfect setting for a hockey fantasy summer camp with the state of the art Alfond Rink and Athletic Complex and a beautiful campus lake for swimming. This camp has it all, celebrity guest speakers, NHL players, the water trampoline/volcano complex that PRO AMB purchased and floats in the middle of the lake is amazing, the fantasy draft....Jeff and the staff have a blast with the kids. Our 4th season of the addition of our GIRLS residential camp has only added to the fun. Read below about all the Kents Hill sub camps.






Boarding camp extras and transportation information can be found here

AAA Elite Fantasy (max 35 skaters) 8/9-8/14, 2015 $1309
All Skills Fantasy (max 35 skaters) 8/9-8/14, 2015 $1309
Goalie (max 10 goalies) 8/9-8/14, 2015 $1509
Hocrosse (Hockey and Lacrosse) 8/9-8/14, 2015 $1309
Team Training Camp 8/9-8/14, 2015 EMAIL FOR INFO

Olympic Skills w/megan bozek

8/9-8/14, 2015 $1309
Girls Goalie camp (max 8 girls) 8/9-8/14, 2015 $1309
Team Training Camp 8/9-8/14, 2015 EMAIL FOR INFO
BATTLE CAMP® (Girls) 8/9-8/14, 2015 $1309
Goalie (max 8 girls) 8/9-8/14, 2015 $1309



(Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc. does not endorse any of the following companies but offers this list as a convenience to research and interview to transport your child)

TRANSPORTATION INFORMATION for Kents Hill School - 1614 Main St Route 17, Kent’s Hill ME

International Jetport: Portland Airport transfers from Portland International Jetport Shuttle Service
Portland Maine Limo - (207) 797-2478

DROP OFFS: Sunday, August 10 & 17, 2014 (3-5pm)

PICKUPS: Friday, August 15 & 22, 2014 (4-6pm)