Ice hockey is a game of transition based on a continuous series of small area battles (game situations) that take place throughout the game across the entire rink.


The Pro Ambitions Hockey signature Battle Camp curriculum was created and designed by Jeff Serowik to focus on teaching and training players to competitively play both sides (offense and defense) of these battles. Creating and developing… The Complete Hockey Player through this unique training system and Battle Camp curriculum.

Reinforce what you learned at camp or prepare yourself for camp.

Jeff will illustrate and walk you through several game situational battle drills. Watch this video and have a much better understanding of how to win battles in all areas of the ice.

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Battle DVD


THE SYSTEM The Pro Ambitions Hockey training system utilizes a building block training and development method that focuses on developing both the physical and mental skills necessary to compete in the game of ice hockey. The system first focuses on proper skill development, then they are taught to apply and adapt their (offensive and defensive) skills.

THE CURRICULUM The Battle Camp curriculum is a high tempo, extremely challenging development camp, set in a fun yet safe atmosphere. Players are constantly moving with very little down time between drills. Each player gets in hundreds of proper repetitions under the professional eye of the Pro Ambitions hockey staff. This training curriculum is the real deal it takes skill development away from full ice training. And forces players to apply adapt their skills to the game situation.

WHO IS THE BATTLE CAMP FOR? The Battle Camp is for all levels and ages (mite thru midgets) of players. We do recommend that all players have at least one year of active playing under their belt. Pro Ambitions Hockey is the leader in the hockey training industry and the masters of "Circuit Training and small area games”.

Every player that attends a Pro Ambitions Hockey Battle Camp will leave the camp with an awesome skill set, improved confidence, a better understanding of the game and most importantly - knowing how to battle on both sides of the puck.

The NHL Endorsement Pro Ambitions Hockey and the Battle Camp have been endorsed by many NHL players who’s children have attended a Pro Ambitions Battle Camp, such as, Brian Leetch, Jeremy Roenick, Martin Brodeur, John Leclair, John Madden, Joe Sacco, Scott Young, Ted Donato, Tom Fitzgerald, Mick Vukota, Glen Featherstone, Guy Larose, Bob Halkidis, Gord Kluzak, to name a few of the ever growing list of NHL alum.

Here is what players get at a Pro Ambitions Hockey Battle Camp

The Battle Camp is the most comprehensive summer ice hockey training and development camp out there. The Battle Camp is the only “COMPLETE” camp on the market.

The Official Camp: The Official Camp of the Boston Bruins and of Hockey East” NCAA DI College Hockey. It is with great honor that Pro ambitions Hockey accepts the previledge to be associated with these two organizations.

The Battle Camp On-ice Curriculum: This unique curriculum is based on a building block training method that is comprised of full Ice, circuit training and small area games sessions. The Battle Camp curriculum focuses on teaching, training and developing players to apply and adapt their core skills, such as, body contact, powerskating, puck handling, puck protection, passing and shooting to each and every game situation.

Complete Hockey Player Training: We teach and train players both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game. All skills are taught and trained at top speed

New and Improved Camp Curriculum: The Battle Camp curriculum is updated and improved each summer to include over 100+ new, innovative, fun, and action packed drills. All drills used in the battle camp encompass elements of skill, agility, conditioning and most importantly battling development.

Professional Training: The Pro Ambitions Hockey full day Battle Camp utilizes 37.5 hours of professional training (Total time may vary slightly from location to location) which includes 20 hours of professional on ice training (4 hours daily) and 17.5 hours of off ice training (that includes daily dynamic warm ups, core and explosive training, off ice stick, team and confidence building exercises.

Pro Ambitions Hockey Staff: The Pro Ambitions staff is professionally trained each summer. Each instructor must go through an intensive training program before being hired by Pro Ambitions Hockey. Head Instructors are trained and certified in CPR and First Aid.

Player to Staff Ratio: Is at 5:1 ratio of players to professional staff (lowest in the industry!) Supervision/ Safety: Unsurpassed supervision, campers and parents are greeted each morning at drop off, 100% supervision throughout the day and campers are checked out at pick up by staff and confirmed with Head instructor each day.

Player Groups: Players are properly grouped by age and skill level and are moved according to their abilities and progress in camp.

Body Contact Training: Players will be introduced and trained in the Pro Ambitions Hockey body contact/safety/respect training program.

Off Ice Core and Explosive Training: The Pro Ambitions Hockey daily dryland training includes core work, conditioning, power and explosive training, flexibility, balance and agility development

Dryland Puck Handling Circuit Training: The daily off ice puck handling curriculum circuit training includes stick handling, passing and shooting.

Video and Chalk Talks: Daily video and/or chalk talk that covers the skill and tactics used in every battle.

Team/ Confidence Activities: Pro Ambitions Hockey has incorporated a series of exercises and activities to it’s off ice curriculum to help players develop many of the mental skills that will help them both on and off the ice. Some of these activities include, Hand Shake Competition RPS tourney (rock, paper, scissors), Simon Says and The Chain.

Goaltender Camp- At every Battle Camp location there is a goaltending camp directed by professional goaltending trainer and consultant Mike Buckley and his staff.

Pro Ambitions Hockey Skills Competition: The Pro Ambitions Hockey Skills Competition is a player favorite as players get to compete Skills competition.

Pro Ambitions Hockey Cup: The Pro Ambitions Hockey Cup is the perfect way to end this incredible camp experience. Here the players get an opportunity to apply everything that they have learned and developed over the week.

NEW Pro Ambitions Hockey Online Player Evaluation System- One of a kind on line player evaluations system that send an in depth personal player evaluation to every player attending a Pro ambitions Hockey Battle Camp

NEW Pro Ambitions Hockey Player/ Parent Pre-Camp Manual- This is an informative online booklet that covers the entire camp answering many if not all of your pre-camp questions.

NEW Pro Ambitions Hockey Player Off-season Training Manual- This is an informative off season training program that covers core strength and conditioning, specific off ice hockey training, nutritional guidelines and mental training that will have players ready for camp and the upcoming season.

Parent Testimonials:

My Son did the Battle Camp in Anchorage, Alaska, July 15th-19th. He had his Hockey Tryouts this past weekend and made the team he was hoping to be a part of. He wished he could thank the coaches from the Battle Camp because they taught him so many things he needed to learn in preparation for the tryouts. All the coaches were so professional & courteous. It was our first year participating in the camp & we will definitely do it next year :)

Hi Gale - I just wanted to write you a quick thank you for letting me help spread the word about the Pro Ambitions camp in Fairbanks this year.  The camp was a great success and the players had a great time and really grew as skaters and hockey players.  In just a couple years the pro ambitions camp has become THE camp to attend in Fairbanks, so much so that our local college hockey coaches had to cancel their clinic the following week because everyone was going to pro ambitions.

I would also like to say that I would be glad to help spread the word again this winter.  Just keep me in mind and we'll make sure next years camp is maxed out as well. Thanks,

Thank you, your husband, and your entire staff for the amazing experience you provide. 

I once emailed Jeff to say how astounded I was at the personal care you put into your parent relationships. This MASSIVE company feels Like the rink down the road. Having grown up in a sleepy New England town and now living in NYC, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the enormous amount of time and effort you put into ProAmbitions. 

That, along with the quality instruction, is a key to your success. I have heard parents in 3 states recommend your camps. 

Thank you again.

Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to tell you what a great time my 8 y/o son had at your camps this summer.  This is my sons second summer attending your camps and he absolutely loves them.  You guys work him harder than any other camp he attends (in fact so much so we've realized one of them is a waste of his time) and he walks out with a better sense of the game, not just on the ice but off the ice as well.  He's becoming conscious of the importance of conditioning and nutrition (asked if we could take the stairs today instead of the elevator) and that's all attributed to your great coaching and staff.  Your coaches are incredibly helpful and friendly and your evaluation system is comprehensive and insightful.  Furthermore, as a service member and veteran I truly appreciate the fact that you give discounts to members of the armed services.  We look forward to him participating in your camp for years to come.


I just have to tell you that your battle camp at Superior on Long Island this week was fantastic. My son loves it so much and they have him working so hard. Kevin as well as all the other guys did a great job. It was ten times better then i could have imagined. i was fortunate enough to watch my son every day at your camp and it exceeded my expectations. Your guys are the best and i will definitely tell everyone how good it was and my boy Ricky will be back next year. Im actually upset that its ending. You cant put a price tag on Hockey instruction such as this. If you or your staff are ever in Long Island again please let me know. I would love to use your staff for a shooting stickhandling clinic. Once again your the best and thanks

Mr. Serowik,

I had my son, attend the Pro Ambitions camp in the Westchester Skating Academy last week.

Even better, I happened to be off that week so I was able to hang around to see what was going on. Have to say that it was one of the best camps I've ever had Dana in.

Mike Hoffman ran a tight ship: the station circuits were run on time to the minute, he kept the guys moving all the time, and of course he got the conditioning in. I also liked the attention and teaching given to checking.

And the competitive "battlecamp" nature was great. What I liked the best is that the drills incorporated many hockey skills in each.

Also, as a football coach, I liked what Mike setup as a "gauntlet": the guys could skate either way, and the "defender" had to match them and meet them in the "hole".

Overall, I loved the camp and have recommended it to everyone in our hockey community since.

Only regrets being we didn't do the Haverhill camp. (Couldn't do it back2back at this time). We will look out for that next year.

Thanks to you, and please thank Mike again for me.

Until next time

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“Intimidate and Dominate” is the term Jeff likes to use to describe an edgy confidence that the Pro ambitions Hockey camp experience instills in each and every kids' heads that attends a Pro Ambitions Hockey Battle Camp. We want players to leave the Battle Camp confident in their abilities to play the game. This type of confidence reflects a ready to do battle attitude all the time on the ice in every drill. We want kids looking like hockey players and showing up for every shift. The Battle Camp offers each player the best opportunity to fully develop the skills that are necessary to become the Complete Hockey Player. All other countless hockey camps in the industry teach ice hockey skills. We teach the most important skills in hockey: How to Apply, Adapt and Transition. The Pro Ambitions Battle Camp goes well beyond teaching basic hockey skills. The Battle Camp curriculum and philosophy teaches, trains and develops each player to apply and then adapt their skills to the ever-changing situations that occur throughout every game. Ice hockey is a game of transition and small battles. the players that can adapt their skills to these situations are the players that will be successful. Players looking to bring their skills to the next level will find be challenging and gives results. The BATTLE CAMP will be coming to a rink near you. Come KICK ICE with us this summer!