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Learn valuable tips from top NHL pros and coaches as they share their inside secrets of success

Hosted by Jeff Serowik,  our Growing Up Hockey cameras traveled the country talking with Jeff’s famous Hockey Friends.

THE THREE YEAR ANTICIPATED PRO AMBITIONS DVD BY JEFF SEROWIK new Growing Up Hockey DVD:…This dvd will be featured at film festivals nationwide.  Jeff is so proud of this invaluable information that he has been collecting and filming for years.  This DVD is shot in high definition film and is a collaboration with a well renowned executive producer from Los Angeles that sought Jeff out years ago after reading his published article called “ Growing up Hockey”.  Bob Campi’s  creative knowledge and guidance has provided top entertainment giants such as ABC NBC, CBS /Paramount Network Warner Bros and Sony / Columbia Pictures cutting edge solutions with the rapidly expanding new technology and its approach to mainstream film and television production.  Jeff and Bob have created quite a dvd that they are shopping around to many networks.

Featuring Expert Analysis from:

  • NHL Broadcasters Brian Engblom and Andy Brickley
  • Colorado Avalanche Head Coach Joe Sacco
  • NHL and OLympic Greats Jermey Roenick and Scott Young
  • Harvard Coach and former NHL Player Ted Donato
  • Coach Jerry York from the 2008 National Hockey Champions Boston College Eagles,
  • Plus “feel good” messages from notable NHL sport psychologists Fred Neff And Max Offenberger


To improve, educate and mentor the lives
of young people through the sports experience.  Through the visual medium,
we want to promote, teach and empower self-confidence with parents and students of the game of Ice Hockey, enhancing their lives and values as the foundation.” 

Coach Jeff Serowik



Today, Jeff’s Pro Ambition’s is the largest Hockey Instructional Camps across North America, teaching the fundamentals and sound principals of work ethics every parent, coach and of course top young inspiring Hockey players rising up the ladder of success should know.

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The new Growing Up Hockey DVD: targets key essential building blocks necessary to take your mental game to the next level – all from NHL players and coaches and who know the drill.


It’s “Game on!” Finally, the DVD for kids who love and play the game !

Its packed with the essential building blocks all coaches, parents and kids should have in their mental toolbox. Shot in cinema-quality, High Definition, this DVD is filled with tips from the pros to empower and teach you the in’s and out’s of what it takes to boost your game to the next level. It’s hockey’s “Sixth Sense” — that will set you apart from other players. It’s the ultimate “Fuel For Thought” DVD for every young player ... “Growing Up !”

Learn The Secrets To:

• Overcoming adversity and challenging yourself

• Thinking the game on and off the ice

• The importance of role models (everybody has them!)

• Leadership and game preparation

• Choosing the coach that's right for you

• Moving mountains — Visualizing the impossible


Professional Background of Producer Bob Campi

As an Executive Producer and Director of Photography for many years,  Bob Campi has produced professional hockey instructional  DVDs for home and broadcast television. After working in various broadcast capacities for  the Los Angeles Kings, Anahiem Ducks, and the San Jose Sharks, he developed  “ Hockey Player Magazine for  ESPN 2 itself a startup network, in the early 90s for a 13 show run. 

His production company has produced many National In-Line Hockey Championships for cable television and the popular educational hockey DVD series “Secrets of Hockey Speed”, from the Robby Glantz Power Skating Series.

In 2002, Bob became involved in a broadcast management capacity for the Men’s Olympic Hockey Tournament in Salt Lake City - “It was truly one of the highlights of my career remembers Bob” - and in addition, was selected as the production company for the Los Angeles based US State Farm Figure Skating Championships commercial campaign.

His latest production release is the exciting new DVD series for kids “Growing Up Hockey part of the larger “Growing Up Sports” DVD series designed to mentor young athletes  in pursuit of their professional sports dreams.

In collaboration with Jeff Serowik, a former NHL Player and owner of Pro Ambitions Hockey Inc. they have sucessfully teamed up producing a “one of a kind” DVD for kids, coaches and parents, covering the mental approach to the game - all assembled from an expert team of professional NHL athletes, coaches and sport psychologists.

“This DVD provides valuable insight, mentoring aspiring young Hockey players to realistically pursue their dreams of success and happiness in the sport we all love” says Bob.

Bob is also a level 4 certified USA Hockey coach with experience in coaching the UCLA College program and Valencia Express and Golden Bears Pee Wee Youth hockey programs here in California.

Today, in association with top production executives, producers and directors, Bob’s commitment to excellence has forged the creation of many entertainment partnerships over the years. His association with Panavision Digital Cinematography and his creative knowledge and guidance has provided top entertainment giants such as ABC NBC, CBS /Paramount Network Warner Bros and Sony / Columbia Pictures cutting edge solutions with the rapidly expanding new technology and its approach to mainstream film and television production.

He is married to wife Kerry Brace, herself an Executive Producer and career television professional with his 2 children Lauren and Brian.