Video Essay by Jeff Serowik

I'm Jeff Serowik. Welcome to Pro Ambitions Hockey. My vision for teaching the youth of the nation hockey came to me as a senior at Providence College.  It's funny to me thinking back now I was still a youth myself when officially starting my professional hockey career as a junior at Lawrence Academy. In 1985 I was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs. I then went on to play 4 years of D1 hockey for Providence. After graduation that summer I trained for my first pro training camp. It was that same summer that Pro Ambitions Hockey was born.
I'll never forget coming up with the name for my company that summer on Cape Cod.  It was easy! That was what I dreamed of my whole life. I had Pro Ambitions!
That summer while I was gearing up and preparing for my ultimate personal battle, my first NHL training camp.  I was also writing the curriculum for my first pro ambitions hockey camp, the battle camp.
Battling in the minors, getting a sniff in the NHLs here and there for 8 years, then finally making the Penguins and suffering a career ending concussion. I now realize there was another calling for me.
What existed was something in my heart that drove me to grow my camps every summer while getting myself ready for training camp every Labor Day. I studied how to teach the game I love. I created my own niche in the market, the Pro Ambitions Battle Camp. My dedication and commitment to making it to the NHL is the same dedication and commitment I have to training the youth of the nation.  I demand excellence from my staff and encourage excellence from every camper.  Every child's bar is different. I have former campers now playing in the NHL and D1 colleges and universities across the nation. I have canadian, european, asian and middle eastern players coming to the united states to train with us.
I have campers who goal is to make their high school team, or play for an elite prep school team.  I have little guys and gals who dream of moving from the C team, to the B team, to the A team! Everyone's Pro Ambitions are different.  But remember, if you don't want, you will never have. Set goals, work hard.  I look at my campers, the youth of the nation.  I know you will be the next generation of difference makers, both on and off the ice.  Seems like yesterday I was a youth myself.  Now is your time. 
My friends and former teammates are now the teachers, mentors, coaches and GMs controlling hockey.  Soon it will be your generation. Come train with our unbiased sets of eyes next summer and get the summer Pro Ambitions summer hockey growth spurt. Or, we will be coming to a city near you.
Pro Ambitions Nation!

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Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc. is now celebrating 22 years in business. Former NHL player Jeff Serowik is the founder and president. Training the future of hockey is our business. We specialize in youth boys and girls hockey camps targeting players from six to eighteen years of age. North American day camp locations and eight world renowned boarding camps /residential camps at the prestigious hockey mecca-Boston University, the majestic New England Prep School in Maine-The Kents Hill School, the beautiful Mountain Creek Resort in Vernon NJ, the state of the art University of Rhode Island facility, South Lake Tahoe, California, and Shattuck St. Mary's, Fairbault MN. We also offer private hockey lessons at several locations in the Boston area.

Pro Ambitions Hockey now runs camps throughout the United States of America as well as Canada. We draw hockey players from around the world including Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America. We have skaters flying in from Germany, England, France, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic as well as, Russia, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.

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